Why your Church/ Mosque need a website?

People of all ages have begun to use the Internet for everything from looking up a phone number, researching, buying books, to finding a mosque or church, doing Quran/ Bible study, listening to the "radio" and participating in support groups. If you don't have a website today, you are missing out on many of the very people you are trying to reach.

An Internet presence, or website, offers a great potential to both your audience and to your mosque/ church. Here are just a few benefits you can see through your website:

Strengthening your other communications efforts

whether it is advertising your Easter or Christmas service, or letting people know about your upcoming sermon events, you can integrate your website with your other traditional communications efforts. Your website enhances and strengthens your overall communication strategy. For instance, if you advertise in the newspaper, the notice at church, announce in church or on the radio station, you can direct people to your website to provide more detail than is possible with a small ad or 30 second spot on the radio

Be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

your website is always available, even when you're not. This allows people to find, see and even hear your message anytime of the day or night, when it is convenient for them. They don't have to wait until its Friday or Sunday service or until someone is in the office to answer their phone calls.

Communicate the Almighty God's truth in multiple ways

your website can be used to communicate truth in many different ways. Not only can you include text, but you can also communicate via pictures, images, sound and video in creative and relevant ways that really drive home the point, communicate God's truth, and your message across.

Communicate your message in a way that is always up-to-date and relevant to your audience. Your website can be updated within minutes and become immediately available to your audience making it a place that is always relevant and current.
The website has so much to offer than what you have used it for

Reach a wider audience

Many people may hesitate to step into a mosque or church door, but would eagerly visit a website. Not only can you reach people in your community that would not ordinarily visit a mosque or church, but you can also reach people around the world.

Create a sense of community

A website is a great way to help build and develop a greater sense of community for the Mosque, Ministry or Church. Through your website, members, people in the community, and people around the world can come together and discuss topics of interest, whether it is this week's message, a topic from the Quran or Bible, or current issues that affect their daily lives. Your website can also be used to help keep members and past members up-to-date with what is happening at the Mosque/ Church via Newsletters, online calendars, and events announcements.

Reduce your overall expenses

Compared with other media; having a website is significantly less expensive to both maintain and to update. Not only is it much less expensive to produce, it can also replace a lot of your printed materials and reduce your printing and mailing expenses.

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